we are a technology company based in Miami with a focus on
application development, design, and digital marketing 

started by alina lebron in 2014, timeless tech strives to provide remarkable service and become one of the first tech businesses in miami to empower and employ women in the field
this is what we do

app development

development for web and mobile applications


design for applications or marketing materials

social media

social media and ad campaign management

consulting / analytics / other

solutions for every technological need

meet the founder
how we work
at timeless tech, we take the time to understand your ideas and help them come to life. whether it's for your next small business, organization, or that mobile app idea you came up with five years ago, we can efficiently guide you until the end

step 1 :

we always take time researching to solidify project ideas and goals

step 2 :

we create design guidelines, graphics, and prototypes

step 3 :

developing is always the most fun. we'll coordinate with you to let you know exactly what's being done and when at all times

step 4 :

we'll test on the required platforms until it's right

step 5 :

launch day is exciting. we'll help you create and manage marketing campaigns for your preferred social networks. we are 100% hootsuite certified

post :

need a webmaster? routine security checks? or search engine optimization? apps need love and care after they are born too.

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